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About Bird life in Nainital District

Their are around 8650 birds species in the world. Among this aound 1200 are found in India, which is anout 14% of the total bird species. Out of these 141 species are found in Nainital District.

Even more astonishing fact is that out of the total 27 Orders and 155 Families that bird life has been classified into, Out of these, 77 are endangered species. The reason for this richness of species is the region's varied climate.

From the greatest mangrove delta forest in Jim Corbett Park to the peaks of high Himalayas this land is unique, making Nainital region a home for some of the most soughted wild birds in the world.

Though all the national parks in India are the unique spots for birding watching, we have listed few of the bird watching points that are widly known for bird watching in India.

Nainital District has Richest Oak, Pine and Rhododendron Forest main habitats for Excellent Birding


Names of Birds in Nainital Region

The unique avian fauna of Nainital region includes kingfishers, blue-throated and brown-headed barbets, red-billed blue magpie, lineated barbet, crimson-fronted barbet, slaty-headed Parakeet, chestnut bellied rock thrush, flowerpecker, golden-throated barbet, babblers, jungle Owlet, fish eagle, pied woodpecker, grey-capped pygmy woodpecker,

laughingthrush, black-headed jay, brown-fronted woodpecker, stripe-breasted woodpecker, yellow-crowned woodpecker, brown-capped pygmy woodpecker, rufous-bellied woodpecker, crimson-breasted woodpecker, lesser yellownape woodpecker, greater yellow-naped woodpecker, streak-throated woodpecker, grey-headed woodpecker, Himalayan woodpecker, caly-bellied woodpecker, common flameback woodpecker, Indian tree pies, blue whistling-thrush, lammergeier, Himalayan Griffon, crested serpent eagle, flycatchers, cheer pheasants, Kalij pheasant, Koklas pheasants, leaf birds, purple sunbird, brown headed stork-billed kingfisher, stork-billed kingfisher, coppersmith Barbet plum-headed parakeet, crested kingfisher, white-throated kingfisher, black-headed Jay, pied kingfisher, blue-eared kingfisher, common kingfisher, Himalayan kingfisher, black eagle, Mrs. Gould’s sunbird, titmouse, green-tailed sunbird, black-throated tits, black-throated sunbird, fire-tailed sunbird, black-breasted sunbird, Crimson sunbird, thick-billed flowerpecker, plain-leaf flowerpecker, fire-breasted flowerpecker, russet Sparrow, rufous Babbler, black-capped sibia, blue whistling thrush, finches, mountain hawk eagle, eurasian jay, white-rumped needletail, black-lored, black bulbul, dollarbird, ashy-throated warblers, black-chinned babbler, red-billed blue magpie, rufous-breasted accentor, grey-winged blackbird, Eurasian griffon, common buzzard, black-chinned babbler, pink-browed rosefinch, common wood pigeon, slaty-headed parakeet, chestnut-tailed minla, lemon-rumped warblers, scaly-breasted wren-Babbler and many more.

Biological Diversity of Nainital District

Nainital District is unique for its biodiversity and ecological amplitude. It has more than 1000 species of migratory birds and resident birds and 20 species of mammals, more than 525 species of butterflies and more than 11,000 species of beetles, moths, bugs and many other insects. The flora covers a wide and diverse range of plants ranging from Bryophytes, orchids, ferns, rare climbing plants, fungi, lichens, medicinal herbs and shrubs. Each individual lake has its own unique Diatom index. The Trophic Diatom Index uses the composition of freshwater diatom assemblages to assess water quality and ecological status.


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